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AP Mobile is the intelligent arm of AdvancePro’s inventory management platform, and has historically been dedicated to warehouse management functions, with receiving, picking, packing and shipping, cycle counts and inventory transfer abilities all integrated with barcode scanning.

Now, AP Mobile is leaving the shop floor. Our all-new Mobile Sales module offers sales reps and field workers the information and tools they need to close deals with ease. They can view real-time inventory details and stock levels, create sales orders and accept payment from anywhere. And the app (which operates on any Android-enabled device) is seamlessly integrated with AdvancePro, so the warehouse team will get the order details instantly and can prepare to ship quickly.

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AP Mobile will help companies create a truly efficient process from sale to ship, allowing them to turn their stock faster and delight their customers. Let’s walk through the new sales feature and the process of creating a new sale.

  1. First, let’s start working on a sales order. We have the option to:
    • Add a new customer and create a new sales order for them
    • Create a new sales order for an existing customer or;
    • Look up and edit an existing order.

    AdvancePro Technologies

  2. Next, we’ll add products to the order. You can search by product, name, SKU, UPC or serial number, or, if you have the item on hand, you can scan its barcode.
    AdvancePro Technologies
  3. Select a product to see a full description and add it to the order.
    AdvancePro Technologies
  4. When you’ve selected the items for your order, submit it and verify customer details, payment terms and shipping dates. This can be edited for each order or done using the customer defaults set in AdvancePro.
    AdvancePro Technologies
  5. We can then accept payment via cash or credit card, or we can save the order as a quote and send the customer an invoice.
    AdvancePro Technologies
  6. And once payment is complete, the receipt can be emailed to the customer. Once the order has been completed, all inventory levels will be adjusted automatically and the order is ready to be picked, packed and shipped.
    AdvancePro Technologies

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