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What if You Had A Business Intelligence Dashboard for Your Company?

Data is everywhere in business today and not using it smartly is where majority of businesses falter to make effective decisions. Inventory Management systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting systems, the list goes on and the data is never-ending, running into trillions of Gigabytes.

What you need is a smart, intuitive dashboard, or a tool that brings all the business intelligence (BI) data together in one place and helps you visualize it so you can make faster, more informed business decisions.

How Business Intelligence Tools can be Used in Your Company

Business intelligence tools, like AP Intel from AdvancePro, gather all the business data you have in different places and brings them together into one online dashboard. The dashboard gives you the ability to visualize the data, interact with it, share it with relevant stakeholders and make decisions based on factual, relevant information.   

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An Example of How to Use Business Intelligence Tools

Let’s say you have a number of employees working on sales tasks in an effort to boost revenue. You need to know the revenue or leads they are generating versus the cost of their time.

Without a BI dashboard, you might have the labor costs recorded in your payroll system and your revenue and/or leads numbers might be in your CRM, inventory or accounting system. Without collating and exporting all the data, arriving at the correct business outcome with a diverse set of disparate data is both time-consuming and inconclusive.

With a BI dashboard, relevant, real-time information from different sources is always available online so you can quickly understand where you are and make the right decisions to get where you want to be.

Other Ways to Use Business Intelligence Tools

There are any number of ways for you to practically incorporate real-time BI dashboards into your daily processes. Here are some other examples.

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To learn more about AP Intel and how your company can use business intelligence tools to boost productivity, cut costs and increase sales, get in touch with us here at AdvancePro.


One thought on “Explore the Benefits of Business Intelligence with AP Intel

  1. I totally agree with you. this post was very informative. It’s going to help the newbies most but pro marketers also. you can increase your conversion rate dramatically using Business intelligence tools. Business intelligence tools give various suggestions based on analysis data. which helps you to take necessary action. even It helps to decrease the amount of getting failed! It also helps to generate new products & it helps to target potential clients. In my opinion, Business intelligence tools are a must-have thing for this age. Thanks for sharing this article.

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