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Can you imagine a world without online shopping and without Amazon? We just can’t imagine it, right? In these difficult times with the COVID pandemic raging, online shopping is our savior. With a unending list of mobile shopping websites, apps and their insatiable appetite for all kinds of data permissions, do we realize what is happening to our data in the background?

With the world moving from traditional brick-and-mortar to e-commerce, customer preferences and data is of paramount importance for all companies. Retailers rely on this data heavily to create a customized shopping experience to achieve higher conversion rates.

Consumers are constantly on the move and access multiple channels of retail such as a brochure or a social media page which are fused together to create a seamless experience for the user. Thus, omni channel retailing brings in lots of different data all at once, and one of the most important things is to ensure that personal consumer identity data is kept safe at all times.

With expanding purchasing options, consumers are at an increasing risk of cyber intrusion, data breaches and  identity theft. Retailers need to protect their customers data by tightening security protocols at every stage of the omni channel retailing experience which can hide cybercriminals and their malicious activities.

Mega technology corporations such as Amazon and even Shopify host both retailers and consumers for a technology driven retail experience. Even though all of us love a tailored shopping experience with customized recommendations, consumers are not in control of their personal data once it is fed into the system. Most consumers are wary of providing retailers the personal data they want in order to fuel this experience. This is a catch-22 situation for both retailers and consumers.

In a perfectly safe online world it might have been easy but there have been too many recent events in the news about security breaches of retailers’ customer data (for example in 2014, where the details of some 70 million Target customers were hacked), not to mention of personal data stored at government agencies (such as at the National Health Service in the U.K.). Consumers need assurances from big box retailers and online behemoths that their personal data will be protected and not be used for purposes that they are unaware of or to which they haven’t provided consent.


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