AdvancePro’s mission has always been to provide the clarity needed to eliminate inventory inefficiencies and allow businesses to focus on opportunities for growth. In keeping with this mandate, we are excited to announce our partnership with Shopify and introduce our new AP Connects Shopify Integrator. Now, AdvancePro users can experience the power of modern inventory paired seamlessly with one of the world’s e-commerce leaders, and have their technology truly working for them.

When considering the possible partners for our first AP Connects integration, Shopify was a no-brainer. It was clear that the fit between our products and our shared values made us natural partners! One of the reasons why Shopify has experienced such explosive popularity in recent years and currently hosts more than 325,000 active shops is their balance of simple, easy-to-use features and the ability to accommodate larger, more complex businesses. Their agile and user-friendly interface has helped them capture a growing market and satisfy a wide audience. In the same way, AdvancePro balances usability and simplicity with the power of a full-fledged ERP, and can be customized to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Like AdvancePro, Shopify was created by users who felt that the available options on the market lacked the tools they really needed to be successful. Approaching development with this experience has enabled our respective companies to apply a customer-oriented approach to optimize the all-around user experience. Both platforms are at once simple enough to engage new users and powerful enough to support growth and complex workflows. And, by harnessing the integrated power of both AdvancePro and Shopify, our clients can now have world-class technology at their disposal at both the front and back-end of their businesses.  You will have the clarity you need, from production to sales to fulfillment, so you’ll have the freedom to focus on the big picture!

Our seamless integration requires no adjustments beyond the initial setup and provides a number of important benefits to users. The AP Connects Shopify Integrator:

  • Eliminates errors and redundancies resulting from manual data entry
  • Save the time and money spent on manual data entry
  • Provides advanced, real-time information on product stock and fulfillment requirements


Click here to learn more about AdvancePro’s integration with Shopify

Click here to learn more about getting started with Shopify




To find out more about how AdvancePro can help you take control of your inventory management, email sales@advanceprotech.com or call 1-(800) 970-9071

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