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Managing inventory on spreadsheets is tedious and propounds a set of challenges that can derail even the best run SMB’s (Small and Medium Business). Alternatively, you are drop shipping to multiple locations, but unable to track inventory turnover. Under this scenario, you have identified the need for a new inventory management software. What next?


Identifying the gap gives rise to a new set of complications. Sifting through the countless ERP software, finding the ideal fit for your firm is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. These factors must be at the top of your checklist:

AdvancePro Technologies


Of the factors at play, implementation is often the most overlooked, resulting in the maximum number of failures in migrating to a new software or system. Find the right fit, but the implementation may continue to give you grief. A good implementation decides if you stay afloat, while failure may cause you to lose both money and time.


Introducing AdvancePro’s 90+90, a unique onboarding and support program for new and current users. Successful implementation of your business process enables you to face all the difficulties in changing the status quo. Getting your new inventory management system implemented with the fastest turnaround is our priority. This program sets a timeframe of 90 days* for implementing AdvancePro and offers 90 days of additional support for total success.

AdvancePro Technologies

AdvancePro, turning administrators into revenue generators by growing businesses at lower costs, propelling your sales towards exponential revenue growth.


Visit our website to download the detailed dispatch for the 90+90 program https://bit.ly/2O8MSMl


* – The implementation duration of 90 days is indicative and depends on the complexity of the engagement. The estimate can be shortened or lengthened catering to specific cases, while adhering to the mutual accountability of sticking to the milestone marker.

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