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Customer experience can make or break your business.  Social Media has given your customers a far reaching voice. Ensure your team exceeds your customers’ expectations with these simple tips.

  1. Set Expectations

Customers want the truth.  When they place an order and you say you can deliver tomorrow, you better deliver tomorrow.  You can’t make that promise, then go to your warehouse and find you don’t have the stock available.  Real-time information at each point of contact with the customer will let you tell the customer the truth and keep their expectations set.

  1. Reduce mistakes – stop duplicate data entry

Errors introduced by too many people entering and re-entering the same data is far too common in many businesses. A sales guy types an order and sends it to your front office staff that enters it in QuickBooks and your order processes system.  Warehouse staff write on a paper pick ticket and that data is typed by another staff member back into your inventory tracking system (often excel).  Each point is a place where errors can occur.  An integrated system where people only enter data they are responsible for can reduce errors and virtually eliminate shipping the wrong goods or wrong amounts.

  1. Free up staff to handle special requests

Your staff is key to your customer’s experience.  Optimize your business operations and integrate your systems so staff have instant access to information your customers’ request.  This will stop them from frantically chasing your orders through the warehouse and let them focus on customer service.  Your customers will notice you going the extra mile.

  1. Give your customers the tools to help themselves

Customers are becoming more and more comfortable placing orders online.  They almost expect it.  Having an integrated shopping cart and warehouse management system will eliminate many of the customer service questions your team gets on a daily basis. Integrated shopping carts have the added benefits of showing available inventory or preventing customers from ordering product not in stock.  Further setting your customers’ expectations and improving customer experience.

  1. Deliver faster

Exceeding expectations and getting product to your clients as quickly as possible will dramatically improve your customers experience with your business.  Integrated systems that reduce errors, improve interdepartmental communications and eliminate timely data entry steps will help you get orders out the door faster and more accurately.

Customer experience is more than just the latest business buzz word, it is what it’s all about in the social media connected world.   Exceed expectations and impress your customers every chance you get and you will create more than just loyal customers, you create raving fans that will become social media ambassadors for your business.  To reach those goals it is essential to have the tools in place to allow your business to scale with customer demands.  A well selected and implemented business operations system can help you achieve that goal.

For more Information:

If you are looking to give your customers a better experience and know that your business operations could be optimized, reach out to our experts to discuss your specific needs.  Our business operations experts will work with you to analyze your current workflow and help you identify where the maximum efficiencies can be found and the quickest and most cost effective means of getting there.  Call, 1-800-970-9071 or email, info@advanceprotech.com us today to take your business to the next level

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