Black Friday

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Terms and Conditions

Purchase of “Basket of Features” covers the up-front cost of each selection, but does not include residual monthly, annual, set-up or maintenance-related costs. Monthly costs associated with items are listed as follows:

  • Web Services: If all three web services modules are purchased as part of this sale, the monthly cost is $199. If only one or two are selected, monthly charges apply as follows:
    • B2B – $199
    • B2C – $99
    • Sales Rep – $199
  • Shopify Integration: $500 charged annually
  • EDI: Purchase does not include TrueCommerce set-up fee
  • Local To Cloud Conversion: Both local and cloud hosting have associated monthly charges determined by number of users. Additional customers purchased as part of this sale will impact future monthly charges.

Limit one “Basket of Features” order per customer and per company. The “Basket of Features” is limited to the selection of a maximum of three items. Purchased items will be provided subject to processing of full payment amount and agreement to the End User Licence Agreement, which will be sent via email shortly after payment is processed.