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Location: Gromley, ON | Industry: Distribution and Manufacturing | Customer Since: April 2010

What They Needed:

  • 8 User AdvancePro
  • Manufacturing
  • Multiple Location Management

About Bestway Casters & Wheels

Bestway Casters & Wheels is a leading manufacturer of casters, wheels, and related accessories. The company also does many custom applications and designs within the caster business. Bestway products have earned a reputation for dependability and are recognized for performance on the job. From superior design features to high quality manufacturing standards to ample inventory maintenance, Bestway continually strives to be at the very top of our customer’s preferred vendor list.

The Business Challenge

Before using AdvancePro, Bestway Casters & Wheels was using an in-house program. It was always in development, but was never fully completed. As a result, they were always working without a full application, until AdvancePro came along.

“We required an inventory management system, and something that would help us better track our inventory and keep our work flow moving smoothly.”

– Dan George,
IT Administrator, Bestway Casters & Wheels

The AdvancePro Solution

AdvancePro runs the day-to-day operations of Bestway Casters & Wheels. It maintains the company’s full inventory, and it is used for full purchasing and invoicing.

“When we were looking for a solution, we probably checked out 6 or 7 different providers and we finally settled with AdvancePro, believing that they would give our company the best. It had the most competitive price and seemed like the most fitting solution, giving us something that we could work with”

AdvancePro Technologies


Since implementing AdvancePro’s inventory management software, Bestway Casters & Wheels has seen a positive response within their company. They save valuable time, and have improved customer service and delivery time.

“It’s helped with customer service. It’s been very worthwhile, we find it’s working very well.”

AdvancePro knows that each business is unique, with special challenges and needs. AdvancePro owners have been in the warehousing industry for over 20 years. Our team of business process experts work with you to fully understand your specific workflow and help you identify and remove bottlenecks. AdvancePro gives you the systems and tools to grow your business.

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