AdvancePro Version 11.6

With the release of AdvancePro v11.6, a number of new features, improvements and fixes have been made that add to the performance and user experience of AdvancePro. Users will find improved performance and control for various reports, more intuitive email templates and greater design flexibility on customer-facing documents.

Upgrading is easy, as cloud users will be prompted to upgrade from their browser window and local users can complete the form on the right, notifying support to schedule a time for the upgrade. 

New Features

  • Column Selector tools have been added to Warehouse screens
  • Column Selector tools have been expanded to allow for sorting
    • Improved selector tools allow for customized views and reports for a live dashboard of AdvancePro data. Now, your pickers can work with different levels of priority and will have the intelligence that they need at a glance using their picking list summaries.
  • Exact match search results now show at top of screen
  • Variant Sorting has been added throughout, as well as on 3rd-party integrations
    • Sorting tags now apply to Manage Inventory, View All Products, Product Selector and CPO documentation. You can now manage and sort variants in the order of your preference.
  • Email Templates have been improved
    • Subject lines have been improved, and AdvancePro users can now be easily selected using, allowing you to send emails to them quickly.
  • Order Import added to View All Customer Orders screen
  • QuickBooks Improvements
    • Customer Price List can be imported from QB
    • Product categories can be imported from QB
    • Discount Codes export to QB without rounding and update when changed
    • Products can now be re-linked with a different QB Product Names
  • Advanced Customer Orders Report can be filtered on Customer Groups
  • Recalculate all System Reserves without clearing in-process transactions
  • API tools expanded to include last updated time reference
  • Target stock multiplier can now be set to 1
  • Document Logo for customer-facing documents can be scaled to fit your requirements
    • You can now use logos that are rectangular and of any size. This is a much-improved look-and-feel customization for customer facing documents.
  • Multi Warehouse transfer process simplified
  • Time to generate and print large sales reports has been reduced
Bug fixes and Enhancements

  • Issue with Lot/SN Report printing fixed
  • Shipping added on warehouse updates Invoice
  • Drop ship orders now compatible with volume discounts
  • Can now delete variant products with no order history
  • Total weight recalculates after deleting products from CPO
  • Multiple Adjustments work with variant products
  • Company logo now prints in batch printing with enforced sort enabled
  • Can no longer order inactive Variant products
  • Expected Inventory Report (Alternate View) enhanced
  • Shipping and adjustment amounts show correctly on credit memos
  • Variants with different prices now show correctly on invoice
  • Lot/SN can be shown on shipped and invoiced orders
  • Logo prints on emailed documents
  • Can rerun group pricing rules
  • Line items will keep CPO order if PL are disabled
  • Default Pricing Customer will link to newly added customers in the group
  • Consolidated pick tickets now separated by warehouse
  • Customer Search when placing new CPO optimized
  • Tax terms now visible on customer RMA
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