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APT v11.4, The Last Update You’ll Ever Register For!

Upgrade to AdvancePro v11.4 and never worry about keeping your AdvancePro up to date again. That’s because AdvancePro v11.4 uses a push upgrade technology that will allow users to choose when they want to upgrade their system at the click of a mouse. We’re always working to make the AdvancePro experience as simple and seamless as possible, and this update includes new features that make this the most efficient and powerful version of AdvancePro yet!


Enhanced Pricing Control

Managing pricing effectively is one of the most critical parts of running a successful business. Many companies have complex pricing schemes that change frequently or have markups and discounts for certain customers or products. Managing this process presents a difficult challenge, and costly pricing errors are common.
The new pricing tools in AdvancePro v11.4 make managing your pricing much simpler. Our tiered system allows users to control five different levels of pricing, which gives you the power to control pricing changes of increasing specificity with ease. V11.4 has added the ability to incorporate price lists into the global pricing interface that can be created or imported via Excel, and can be assigned to specific customers or customer groups. Additionally, users can now control contracted pricing details with set expiration dates.

Click here to view the APT University webinar on the new pricing features in v11.4, or see the knowledge base articles below:

Customer Pricing in AdvancePro

Price Lists – 4th-Level Pricing

Sales Rep Access Management
Sales is the lifeblood of business, and ensuring your sales force has access to the up-to-date information they need to sell your products or services is key. However, it is often important to only give your reps access to needed information while limiting access to unnecessary information. For example, you may not want a sales team member to see the their colleagues’ sales stats, and only want them to only be able to pull reports for their own sales. It might be necessary that your sales team sees real-time inventory levels but not to be able to change stock levels or delete SKUs. Every organization is different, and this update gives users the ability to control the level of access that their sales teams need to have.
For more detailed information on what levels of access you can give reps and how to control them please see the following knowledge base articles.

Assigning Sales Rep Roles to Users

Report Filtering by Sales Rep

Restrict Sales Rep To Place New Order

Restrict Orders to Just Orders by Rep

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CRITICAL NOTE: as of November 1, 2016, AdvancePro officially stopped supporting 32-bit computer architecture. AdvancePro v11.4 and beyond will not be available in a 32-bit version.