AdvancePro Technologies | AdvancePro Version 11.12

APT v11.12

You spoke and we listened!  Our latest release, AdvancePro Version 11.12, offers the ability to attach documents and clone sales and purchase orders, improved UOM for greater functionality, and the ability to pull the outstanding balances from customer accounts in the CPO process stage.

We’ve also introduced a major new feature, the APT ShipEngine platform. Now, you can ship with AdvancePro across multiple shipping carriers. Compare carrier pricing and print labels with ease, saving you time and money. We’ve included over 60 enhancements into this release, making this the most powerful iteration of AdvancePro yet!

Upgrading is easy, as cloud users will be upgraded automatically, and local users can complete the form on the right, notifying support to schedule a time for the upgrade.

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New Features
Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Serial numbers from Vendors can now be reused after “returned to vendor”
  • Expanded decimals on Sales Order and Purchase order selling price and costs.
  • SmartPrint now working in ClickOnce release without popup message.
  • Changing taxes on invoices and sales orders now update correctly on your CC payments
  • Improved order import features to handle various date formats
  • Prices can now be truncated rather than rounded.
  • Variant sorting and orientation improved on various screens and reports
  • Fixed issue with copying addresses from Shipping/Billing.
  • Prices ending in zero show correctly on various screens
  • When importing a product cost, you must specify a vendor

See All

  • You can now delete entered Serial Numbers before “Verifying and updating” 
  • Improved the serial number import at Edit Product and Receiving screens
  • Sales reps can now save prices changes
  • Original price now corresponds to other decimal pricing rules
  • When not using Picking Locations you can still create batches for items
  • You can now repeat category names and apply different items to the different categories (as long as they are sub categories). Reports also support this change.
  • Improved conversion tools to allow for accurate breaking down of boxes based on required ft or sq ft needed. 
  • Fixed issue for assembly order stock availability in work orders
  • Audit trail enhanced for batch processed orders
  • Scan SNs one after another into the SN creation field on receiving or edit product.
  • Now restricts SN creation to the QTY ordered or received.
  • Search and select serial numbers without losing previous selections
  • Improved printing formats of Warehouse Notes
  • Improved and simplified transfer of UOMs between warehouses
  • Assigning products to secondary warehouses enhanced
  • You can now import multiple addresses for customers shipping and billing without needing account numbers. 
  • If you do not have picking locations or multiple warehouses, direct invoicing does not prompt you to specify the warehouse 
  • DATE and TIME is now displayed in Adjustment History Screen with correct adjusted qty details and reason; Date and Time are also displayed correctly on the Detailed and Chronological Tabs
  • You can now click on the LS icon on pending and invoiced orders to see the associated data.
  • You can now Pick Full or Pick Zero for item kits in the To Pick stage.
  • Editable Product names are now correctly displayed in invoice, pro-forma invoice and in PPS (both works correctly in Regular Print and Smart Print)
  • Phone numbers are now associated at the shipping or billing address level, not from the customer level. 
  • Creating SN for UOM will now show a incomplete status if not complete.
  • You can also edit incomplete SN more easily.
  • You can delete and modify child SN before verifying and updating 
  • You can now save and update selected SN in work orders and leave and go back. 
  • You can send back SN items back to stock from an “Over picked” work order
  • You can no longer cancel a finalized work order
  • Fixed issue transferring stock to the same warehouse causing duplicate stock. 
  • Improved email templates to include User Company name. 
  • Improved tax calculations for multi-currency invoices
  • Both Auto and Manual Customer Return Import are now successful. Customer RMA is added on the list of returns with exact details added (qty, date, SKU, reason, RMA# and customer with account number).
  • Automatic Batch Allocation is now working properly on Pick/Pack/Ship stages
  • Non-Inventory item kits export to QuickBooks in a similar manner to Inventory Kits. 
  • UOM SKU now show correctly on CPO (Order details, WH PPS, invoice and LS screens), as well as in VPO(Order details, WH Receive, Bills and LS screens).
  • You can update/change SN when receiving Improved warehouse transfer features with Serial Numbers
  • Add/search for items by Vendor SKU or Serial numbers on CPOs
  • Fixed an issue receiving a SN on a customer return.
  • Enhanced SN handling for UOMs and Parent/Child SN for all transactions; adjustments, Transfers, Receiving and fulfillment. 
  • Product Selector on CPO now shows correct Stock quantities when Variants are combined
  • Fixed an issue when importing a CPO via EDI.
  • Searching for a product without default PL will show correct details and will not show Unhandled exception error while searching.
  • Dropdown list options for “Rounding type” when creating a new product is now populated with complete list of options.
  • Fixed MC Cost and pricing (3rd,4th,5th levels) are calculated correctly
  • Able to scan SNs using barcode scanner and automatically clears out the SN field after the scan.
  • Can successfully scan multiple SNs using barcode scanner in WH-PPS using both Lot# and SN# fields.
  • SNs are saved successfully and reflects SN assignments up to invoice.
  • Can successfully scan multiple SNs using barcode scanner in SN scan search and updates picked qty accordingly and scans serial numbers correctly. 
  • Can successfully import multiple Customer Billing and Shipping Address without errors; when there is no Account number specified in the schema, the existing Account number of the customer will not be replaced by null value, but will retain the existing value
  • Can successfully import multiple Vendor Shipping Address; when there is no Account number specified in the schema, the existing Account number of the customer will not be replaced by null value, instead, will retain the existing Account number and will only add the addresses imported.
  • For CPO with item kits, only “full” and “zero” quantities are available and are not able to be entered manually.
  • It is no longer possible to re-process a WO for previously processed WO for a CPO.
  • When you have a custom role with access to Products Only, Viewing LS screen through Manage inventory->LS icon will show the corresponding details for the LS screen.
  • SNs used to be assigned in a vendor order is possible even if it has the same name and details with a SN used to be assigned in a vendor return.
  • When batch processing an order, Batches assigned in the order will show correct status