• How can I set up return dates, charge rental fees?
  • How can I manage common rental issues using AdvancePro dashboards?

 Webinar transcript

APT University: Using AdvancePro For Rental Business
Hello and welcome to APT University – today we’ll be looking at how you can use AdvancePro to manage a rental business. We will be taking any questions at the end, so if you have a question feel free to put it into the questions tab on your gotowebinar control panel.

We also have our full catalogue of APTU videos available under the resources tab of or on our youtube channel. If you like today’s video and want some more details, you might want to take a look at our customer order and returns videos.

So for today’s purposes we’re going to talk about a rental company as any company that is going to return most or all items that they sell to customers. In your company, this might mean you are actually making sales of clothing online, but are returning a lot of those goods, or you might have a more traditional rental business where you don’t really sell an item, but you give it to someone and charge a rental service fee, and potentially also charge a late service fee if they don’t return goods on time.

First, let’s just make a sales order, and if you are charging a rental fee you can make a service item to charge for that item. We can then ship these immediately, and if you have serialized items you’re renting out, you can identify the serial number you’re giving to that customer.

In these businesses, it can be very complicated to understand and predict when stock is expected to be returned. We’re going to turn our focus to the return module, and we’ll talk about expected arrival dates.

As we’re building the return in AdvancePro. We can set an expected date. If this is your business model you might want to queue up the return as part of setting up your order.

Now, if we want to see the items expected back, we can go to the warehouse, customer returns to receive, and now we can see pending returns sorted by expected return date. So here we can see the rented items, and we can see if we need to charge a late fee.

From there we can go make another customer order and charge our late fee.

So this concludes our brief tour of rental functions in AdvancePro.

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