• How to set up your corporate logo on purchase orders, picking slips and invoices
  • How to resize and adjust your logo and address information to display correctly

 Webinar transcript

APT University: Logo Display on Documents

Hello everyone and welcome to APT University – today we’re going to discuss how to attach logo files to your AdvancePro sales orders, picking slips, and invoices, we will be taking any questions at the end so if you do have a question, feel free to type it into the live chat available to the right if you’re watching live on youtube, or below if you’re watching on

We do have our full catalog of APT university videos available on under the resources tab, or on our youtube channel – so if you’d like to learn more about what advancepro can do for you, feel free to take a look there.

So moving to the software, we’re going to navigate to admin – site settings, and general settings.

This is where we can attach out logo, simply browse for your logo file. Now if you’re on our cloud service there’s a few pointers for this, you’ll want to actually put the file on the cloud so that any other users of advancepro can access this file, and there may be a designated folder for you to upload your images to depending on your server configuration.

First you’ll see there are two drives marked C – one on advancepro and one on your computer name, you’ll want to click on the drive on your computer, and navigate to your logo, if the logo is on your desktop and you’re on a windows computer, this is C / users/ your username/desktop

Now we want to move the file to our cloud server, and then finally save and attach the copied file,

You can follow this same process for any product image files you might want in advancepro.

Next, we have three options, we can use a square logo, or a rectangular logo, or we can use custom logo dimensions. To get the logo dimensions, go ahead and open up your logo file, this will have your dimensions displayed, then go ahead and enter your dimensions. If this makes the logo too large, try dividing both dimensions in halves, or quarters, or the like until you’re happy with the look and feel of your documents.

Now you’ll see we can print a sales order and we’ll have our logo ready to go. – this will appear on all customer -facing documents such as quotations, sales orders, pick/pack/ship slips and customer invoices.

While we’re here, I just want to take a moment to discuss customizable document layout options for the purchase order and invoice, so if we go to admin> site settings>printing settings, we have a number of options about how various forms will print out. We actually have a whole video on these settings, so I’m just going to discuss the relevant features which are the custom layout options if we go into one of these settings, we’ll be able to change the smartprintpro terms and replace any term as it appears on the document, so we can change a sales order into a receipt or an estimate with ease. We can also enable/disable the logo appearance on that document. Now if we revisit our order with these settings changes, if you look in the lower left you’ll see two print buttons, standard print, and smart print pro. These settings apply only to the smart print pro format, which is the print button with the red checkmark.

This concludes today’s episode of APTU and our tour of AdvancePro’s logo capabilities.

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