• How can I control and adjust email addresses used for sending vendor and customer orders?
  • How can I create and control email templates and signatures from AdvancePro?

 Webinar transcript

APT University:Email Selectors and templates in AdvancePro 11.6

Hello everyone and welcome to APT university, Today we’re going to be discussing the new features with respect to order emails in AdvancePro 11.6.

So new in 11.6 we’ve made some big improvements to how emails get sent from AdvancePro and I’d like to touch on these now, first off we’re going to come into the admin panel , we’ll go to general settings and we’ll go to the email settings tab. Here you’ll see as before we have the templates available when sending a vendor or customer order,

Now this was all in AdvancePro 11 on release, but what’s new here is that you’re no longer working with preset templates, you now have full control over both the template subject line and header, you’ll also see there’s a handy list of tokens, you can type these tokens into your template to pull the relevant information from the order being sent, in this case, we can pull the customer name and order number.

Now there’s another new feature in AdvancePro with respect to emails, when you’re writing a customer or vendor order and you want to email the order to a variety of addresses, go ahead and pull the email window up by clicking the email button, now once the email window is open you can now click on the “to” “CC” or “BCC”

This will open up our new email search feature, by default this will show any alternate emails registered for that customer or vendor, but you can check off the box in the upper right to allow you to choose emails for other customers that might be in your AdvancePro database.

Finally, I’d like to just take a moment and review how email addresses are populated, from the customer and vendor side, your default email addresses will be right here on the customer or vendor profile on the first page, and your “from email address will be located on your AdvancePro user under admin > site administrators.

So this concludes our session today, and thanks for watching!

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