• How can I change the roles and permissions for an AdvancePro user?
  • What do each of the Default roles do when assigned to a user?
  • How do I configure a Sales Rep or Restricted Sales Rep role and what does that do?

 Webinar transcript

APT University: Default User Roles

Hello and welcome to APTU – Today we’ll be looking at the Default user roles in AdvancePro.   We will be taking questions at the end so if you have any questions feel free to put them into the questions tab in your gotowebinar control panel.


We also have our full library of previous APT university sessions available under the resources tab on or on our youtube channel.


So in AdvancePro, you can assign a role to any AdvancePro user,  you can do this from the admin panel under administrators,   these roles change the ways a given user can access AdvancePro,   for example,  a sales rep can place sales,  a warehouse manager can ship and receive, and a super administrator can do anything in AdvancePro.   You can also make your own roles,   we have a full video on that, so I recommend watching that if you want to set up special roles or special default views of things like your customer order dashboard for a given user.


Today we’re going to look at our built in default roles and what you can do with them.   These default roles can’t be changed, but a number of them do have special rules that you may find useful.


As I mentioned before  the Super admin can do absolutely everything – including create users

The administrator can do everything EXCEPT creating AdvancePro users.


The Warehouse Management role has access to

  •         All forms on the Warehouse Switchboard only
  •         Warehouse notes
  •         Pick, pack and ship orders
  •         Receive vendor orders
  •         Ship vendor returns
  •         Receive customer returns
  •         Manage warehouses


Order/Returns Management

  •         Customer Switchboard:

o   View all customers

o   Place new orders

o   View all orders

  •         Vendor Switchboard:

o   View all vendors

o   Place new orders

o   View all orders

  •         All forms on the Returns Switchboard
  •         Create and manage customer/vendor orders and returns
  •         View all customers/vendors
  •         Warehouse notes on customer and vendor orders

Sales Rep

  •         Customers Switchboard:

o   Place new orders

o   View all orders


Restricted Sales Rep

  •         Customers Switchboard:

o   Place new orders

o   View all orders

  •         Orders related to the sales rep’s account


AP Mobile User – completely limited to AP Mobile

POS User – completely limited to POS operations

This concludes our tour of AdvancePro’s default users.

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