• How can I use AdvancePro for consignment?
  • How can I put address information for a third party on customer orders/packing slips/invoices?

 Webinar transcript

APT University: Consignment and Additional Entities

Hello and welcome to APTU – Today we’ll be discussing the consignment and additional entity features in AdvancePro. We will be taking questions at the end, so if you have any questions, please feel free to put them into the questions tab of your gotowebinar panel.

So the additional entity feature is essentially a way to put an extra address on any customer-facing document, meaning the quotation, the sales order, the pick pack and ship slips, and the invoice. The additional entity can be named anything you like, and these can be useful in all kinds of situations from consignment to 3PL. We’ll also talk about multi warehouse and how it can be used for managing the inventory on site for your consignment customers.

So to configure the additional entity feature in AdvancePro, go to the admin panel, then go to utilities, and go to the additional entity tab, you will need to enter the key, if you don’t have one of these keys, please reach out to AdvancePro support or your AdvancePro advisor.

Once you have this key entered, go ahead and define your entity types. This will change the name of the address you set, and you can have two entity types, so in this example, we’ll be using Broker for the first entity type, and Consignee for the second entity type.

Now when you go to the customers tab once these are configured, you’ll see you can set entity type one – or broker, and you can set profiles for entity type two, or consignees, you can fill out these profiles and attach them to specific customers. This will allow you to display the address of these entities on your documents as broker or consignee.

Once we start a customer order we can edit the addresses and choose to display the broker and consignee, now when we print an order, packing slip, or invoice we’ll see these entities displayed.

So that concludes our tour of the Additional entity feature and how it works. There are also some features that might be useful for consignment working with our multiple warehouse feature. In short, you can have a warehouse set up for each physical location where your stock is located, and each warehouse can have reorder levels and targets, so if you’re visiting a consignment or managed inventory site, you can pull up that warehouse and check the previous site inventory to see what was sold. You can use warehouse transfers to restock that managed site, and then a consigned sale to collect on those sold items.

If you’d like to learn more about multi-warehouse and how it can be used, check out our video on multi warehouse or anything else from our entire APTU history on under the resources tab, or on our youtube channel.

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