• How can I sign in to AdvancePro cloud?
  • How can I transfer files to AdvancePro cloud?
  • How can I print using AdvancePro Cloud?

 Webinar transcript

APT University:AdvancePro Cloud

Hello and welcome to APTU – Today we’re going to be discussing the AdvancePro Cloud service including how it works. AdvancePro cloud makes AdvancePro or any other software device independent, so you can log into AdvancePro from anywhere in the world, on any device whether it be windows or Mac.

So When you become an AdvancePro customer, access a cloud trial or sign up for cloud services, we’ll prepare your server and send you access instructions by email. You’ll receive a unique URL which you can use in your browser to take you to a login page. You may need to download and install an app named citrix receiver in order to proceed.

Once you’ve logged in with the username and password we provide you, you’ll have access to a list of applications, for some users it will be AdvancePro and only AdvancePro, for some users you might include other apps or custom reports as well.

To start an application, go ahead and click it from the list, you’ll see a small download trigger, and depending on your settings you may need to click it for it to open.

You may get a request for a remote file to access your computer, go ahead and allow that

You’ll see we now have access to AdvancePro as if it was running right on our desktop. We can sign in using our AdvancePro user logins now. This is seperate from your server login for security reasons. If we open any document in AdvancePro from the cloud and attempt to print, AdvancePro will print to any printer available to the device we’re signing in from.

If you need to save a file to your device, or browse to open a file on your desktop, open up the save or open window, and go down to my computer. Then you’ll see there are two C drives, one is on the remote AdvancePro cloud server, and one is your local hard drive on your own device, you can browse from here to open or save a file to any location on your computer.

Now if you need heavy duty access, we also offer an option for you to connect directly to the desktop of your cloud server. Look for a desktop app. Opening this will take you directly to the desktop where you can perform file operations and open other apps.

This concludes our quick tour of AdvancePro cloud.
Thank you all for watching!

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