Did you know that your data is not being backed up? It is likely that you think your backing up but you are not! Typical back-up services specifically exclude data-base data. Call AdvancePro today to make sure your data is secure.

Now, you can purchase Carbonite’s automatic online backup service through.

AdvancePro Technologies

You get business premier Carbonite including 500gb and the database back-up professional package

You’ll never have to remember to backup again

Carbonite offers automatic, continual and secure online backup for your home or small business computers, so you can rest easy knowing your irreplaceable files are protected. Once installed, your files will be backed up automatically to the cloud – no hardware required – so you can get them back when you need them most.

Anytime, anywhere file access

Not at your computer?  No problem! You can get to your backed up files from any computer connected to the internet or even from your smartphone or ipad® with Carbonite’s free app. And, with Carbonite’s anytime, anywhere access, you can view your files anytime – whether you’re at home, or on the go!

Protect your files with Carbonite today!

For more information on how you can start backing up the files, contact us today! 1-800-970-9071

AdvancePro Technologies
A Carbonite authorized reseller

AdvancePro Technologies

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