Save Time – Reduce Costly Errors – Improve Customer Experience
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APMobile puts the power of AdvancePro’s inventory management software into the palm of your hand! Accessible on any iOS or Android mobile device, APMobile allows you to easily control your warehouse operations live, eliminating errors and manual data entry by using its barcode scanning.

APMobile optimizes the use of AdvancePro, you will:
  • Unload, pick, pack and ship with ease
  • Simply scan serial number entry
  • Reduce Shrinkage with improved controls
  • Paperless with real-time database access
  • Warehouse route optimization
  • Reduce shipping errors
Track Lots and Serial Number from Receiving to Shipping
Simply scan the barcode of your SKUs and/or Lots/Serial numbers to eliminate errors and dramatically speed up receiving, picking and packing operations. APMobile will guide your warehouse staff through your warehouse and prompt for the required information you need to track your inventory.
Eliminate paper pick tickets and receiving documentation
Full detailed Pick/Pack and receiving documentation are readily available right on the APMobile screen. Simply enter the PO # you are looking for, or tap on the next order in your list and being picking, packing or receiving. It’s that easy!
Transfer stock effortlessly
Need to move stock around your warehouse? APMobile makes transferring stock easy. Simply scan the location you are moving from, scan the items you are moving and then scan the location you are putting them in. That’s it!
Look-up stock information from anywhere!
Want to know what stock you have in your warehouse? Enter the SKU to find out everywhere that product is and how much you have available to sell. Found a part “out of place” scan the serial number and APMobile will tell you exactly where it needs to be put away. Looking up stock is a very useful and time saving part of warehouse operations. APMobile puts that power in the palm of your hand.
Stock Adjustments
Need to give your sales staff samples? Want to track your consumables but don’t want to go through the hassle of creating sales orders? The inventory adjustment tools in APMobile can give authorized staff the ability to increase or decrease selected stock quickly with full audit trail tracking. Now you can make stock adjustments, hassle free!