Companies that manufacture require a specialized set of features to keep operations running smoothly.  AP Manufacture is a solution designed for manufacturers who need to build and track products from the raw material stage all the way to finished goods. Together with AdvancePro’s warehouse and inventory management structure, real-time stock level updates are available throughout the product-building process.

AdvancePro allows you to effectively control your Manufacturing Process with the following features:

  • View and track your bills of material(BOM)
  • Track labor costs by including them in your BOM
  • Initiate item assemblies by creating work orders
  • Create reorder alerts for your components and finished goods when inventory drops below specified levels
  • Create Work Orders from Customer Orders for customized item assemblies
  • Generate vendor purchase orders from within your work orders
  • Track work orders by stage of completion, reference #, order #, SKU # or by warehouse
  • Build-to-order or build-to-stock
  • Serialize your assembly items as they are finalized
  • Specify a vendor for your assembly items, useful for outsourcing
  • Create markups and discounts and apply them to completed assembly items to arrive at a selling price
  • Manage disassembly work orders and either return components to inventory or discard them

For more information on AdvancePro inventory management system see our full features listavailable here.

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