AdvancePro Version 12.0 is here!12.0 brings a new overall look and style to AdvancePro. It is now highly customizable by the user. The new design offers Report Dashboard, an RSS Feed, a Shutout widget and so many other amazing features and fixes.

This is your AdvancePro and these are your support and development dollars at work!  Have questions?  Ask us anytime by email, phone call, or by creating a ticket.


New Features

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Fixes applied Assembly Items, Manufacturing Module

  • Built quantity is added to the selected picking location as well as the default picking location
  • View All Work Orders can now be sorted by Order and Expected Date
  • Able to set to inactive the BOM that was used previously on a deleted assembly.
  • Assembly items can now be processed to the warehouse after finalizing the Work Order in the Manufacturing module.


Batch Numbers

  • Batch numbers that belonged to the deleted Picking Location are now reassigned to a new Picking location
  • Able to assign decimal qty to batch in VPO. 
  • Able to assign batch numbers when transferring products to other warehouses


Customer Orders, Invoices

  • Users are now able to select View Price List option in Place new customer order screen
  • View Lot/SN#s and freight buttons can now be seen in pending invoice
  • Line item No now resets when user deletes an item
  • Ref # and scroll caret are now visible in Order History in Place Customer Order screen
  • Search results are now displayed when hitting enter in the Order History
  • Users are now able to open a Customer Purchase order with taxable value as null
  • Values in the dropdown menu for Warehouse & Vendor are now shown in CPO: Process Order screen


Emails and Attachments

  • Users are now able to attach documents to the warehouse order.
  • Attachment file is now included in the email window 
  • Able to select template type on email settings. 


  • In-Stock, Re-order Alert, and Target Stock Level are now shown in the exported excel products file

Lot and Serial Numbers

  • SN required option for assembly items is now getting saved.
  • Serial numbers that were assigned in to pick are not getting unassigned when clicking close in reset prompt in to pack. 
  • Send back to Stock button in Assign Serial # window is now grayed-out when assigning serial numbers. 
  • A counter has been added to Assign Serial # > Batch Only window and user are now unable to over pick assembly components. 
  • Able to return serial numbers to inventory by clicking add. review in the assessment form. 
  • # column in View Lot/Serial #s not incrementing when products are assigned to a serial number
  • UOM child serial numbers option naming has been changed.
  • A prompt message has been added when user chooses to change the received quantity after serial numbers have been assigned to product. This causes assigned serial numbers to reset.
  • LS icon is now visible in In-transit transfer: Receiving. 


  • Users can now add service items into the 4th level price list and duplication of items is now also fixed.
  • Price is rounded off correctly when digits are set to truncate to 9 decimal points. 
  •  ‘NaN’ is no longer displayed in Managed Markup % when adding new product with 0 cost.

QuickBooks (Desktop and Online)

  • Classes are now associated with an invoice.

Vendor Orders, Bills

  • User has now the choice to use the same PO# or generate the next available PO# when cloning a Vendor order 
  • Able to assign batches when the direct bill is clicked from the vendor order screen. 

Warehouse Transfers

  • PLFrom and PLTo Information are saved into the db after completing an in-transit transfer
  • Users are now restricted in processing a direct transfer when the transfer quantity exceeds the stock and has 0 ATS
  • Able to add non-inventory items to In-transit transfer.