AdvancePro is a powerful web based inventory management software that benefits all the stakeholders of your business, but that doesn’t mean you want your warehouse staff to process invoices which have accounting implications.  For this reason, AdvancePro small business inventory management softwarehas significant administrative capabilities.

AdvancePro allows you to create customized roles and then assign various users of the software to those roles.  For example, you may wish to limit your receiver to only receive inventory in AdvancePro, while restricting all other access.

In addition to user permissions, AdvancePro can be tailored to meet your specific needs through a wide range of options that can be enabled or disabled.  You can also create custom fields for products, customers, vendors, and customer orders, pick slips, packing slips, shipping slips and invoices with this online inventory management solution.

Administrators can also create backups of your database and restore them.  Products, customers and vendor lists can be imported from Excel or exported to Excel.

Credit card processing can be setup to take place inside of AdvancePro.

These are just a few of the administrative options available with AdvancePro business process management systems.