AdvancePro is a Premier Member of the Intuit Developer Network and is rated ’5 Stars’ by users on the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace!  As a certified Intuit inventory management solution, using AdvancePro and QuickBooks together provides your organization with a totally integrated operations management system and accounting.

Accounting is a critical function for every organization, and QuickBooks is the leader when it comes to accounting systems for small and medium sized businesses.  Many companies provide QuickBooks access to all of their employees, trying to bend it to their operations management needs.  This is where AdvancePro comes in.  AdvancePro is a total operations management solution that is designed to optimize your business and sync all the financial implications with your accounting software.  Working together with QuickBooks as your accounting module, organizations can limit QuickBooks access to only those stakeholders who need it while providing the rest of the organizations with the powerful tools need to succeed.

AdvancePro is designed on the principle of ‘single point of entry’ meaning redundant work is eliminated.  All work done in AdvancePro that has implications for your accounting is synced directly into AdvancePro, without any need for re-entry of information.  The result is a totally integrated operations management system that keeps your books up to date in real time.

Data synced from AdvancePro to QuickBooks includes:

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Products
  • Service Items
  • Sales Reps
  • Carriers
  • Payment Terms
  • Payment Methods
  • Currencies
  • Tax Items
  • Invoices (Shipped Customer Invoices)
  • Payments Received
  • Credit Memos (Received Customer RMAs)
  • Bills (Received Vendor Orders)
  • Vendor Credit Memos (Shipped Vendor RMAs)
  • Promotion Codes
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