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The Success Factor – How to Identify and Minimize the Risks of Software Implementations

Israel Ellis was featured as a guest author for CIO Story, a technology publishing house that provides over 60,000 CxOs with tech news and coverage of new products and services introduced in verticals like retail, automotive, healthcare, BFSI, legal, manufacturing and more. Israel shared important insights into limiting risk in software implementations that he has learned from his extensive experience in the industry.

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AP Mobile Walkthrough


AP Mobile is AdvancePro’s powerful mobile app that gives you the power to control your inventory from any android-enabled device. This walkthrough will help you answer the following questions:

  • How can I use AP Mobile to ship and receive orders?
  • How can I use AP Mobile to Transfer items between warehouses and pick locations?
  • How can I use AP Mobile to look up my stock levels?
  • How can I use AP Mobile to make stock adjustments?

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Custom Barcode and AP Label


  • How do I get a barcode on my Customer and Vendor documents for easy lookup?
  • how do I scan products when receiving or shipping?
  • How does picking locations work when I’m scanning with AdvancePro Desktop?
  • How do I create rules for barcodes that contain multiple pieces of information?
  • How does AdvancePro handle GS1 and similar barcode standards?