AdvancePro 10.4 Release Notes

May 22nd, 2015

AdvancePro v10.4 now available to all ACCP Members. Contact us today to receive your upgrade and take advantage of the all the new improvements, including:
1. Streamlined and expanded customer pricing management
2. Easier, more intuitive Vendor Management
3. BOM costing and reporting improvements
4. Expanded reporting information
5. Additional decimals added to tax rates
6. Optimized APMobile workflow
7. Over 30 bug fixes

New Features

  1. The customer pricing import process has been streamlined and now includes additional (optional) import options.
    1. Users can now specify if customer pricing should be locked or unlocked against future pricing updates
    2. Customer specific SKU #s can be imported at the same time as well


  1. When creating or editing a product, in the “Customer Pricing” tab, two columns have been added to provide additional information; Customer SKU and Locked status.
    customer pricing
  2. When creating or editing a vendor, in the “Assign Products” screen has been enhanced
    1. A check mark has been added which addresses some logic issues. A visual identifier has been added to identify whether the selected vendor is primary or not primary for each product.
    2. A “Disassociate” option has been added, allowing you to remove product availability from the selected vendor>selected vendor
  3. Improvements have been made to the “BOM Info” screen
    1. A “Recalculate” button has been added that allows for changes in components in a bill of materials to be reflected all the way to the top level of that BOM
    2. A SKU column has been added to the “BOM Info” in an assembly itemassembly item
  4. Various design tweaks have been made to improve the appearance of the software
  5. UPC column has been added to the Expected Inventory Report – Alternate View
  6. Tax codes have been increased to a maximum of 3 decimal points
  7. Sales Projections Report

Enhancements – AP Mobile

Many feature improvements have been made to AP Mobile, including:

  1. An updated login screen:login-screen
  2. The most recent database used on AP Mobile is automatically retained when logging in on a system with multiple company databases
  3. All pages have a link to return to the main menu
  4. The “Search Orders Field” is automatically selected when loading Inbound and Outbound screens
  5. A “Change Warehouse” option has been added
  6. SKU entry is no longer case sensitive
  7. Improved usability when shipping and receiving products in a unit of measure
  8. After scanning a SKU, the cursor automatically moves to the “Quantity” field
  9. Receive by SKU, UPC or Custom Barcode
  10. When shipping a product, serial numbers can be selected

Fixed Issues

  1. Changing the “Multi Currency” cost now updates pricing
  2. Updates to cost prices of products within subassemblies now affect all assembly items that it is a part of
  3. Invoices are now correct when creating direct invoices for multi-currency orders containing only products with variations
  4. UPS/FedEx “View Tracking #s” links now appear for orders shipped with UPS/FedEx
  5. Expected Inventory Report and Expected Inventory Report – Alternate View now shows only active products
  6. Customer SKU can now be entered on Customer POs by clicking the “Add” button
  7. On Customer POs, add-on items can now be swapped on bills of materials
  8. SKU printing settings now display correctly on shipping slips, reflecting user selection
  9. Customer specific pricing now saves
  10. Create Pallet screen is now accessible in the Warehouse screen
  11. When receiving items with vendor unit breakdowns, inventory levels now reflect correctly
  12. The “Select All” checkbox can now be selected for Add-On options when creating a BOM
  13. Taxes now display correctly on credit memos
  14. Tax terms are no longer retained after clearing the AdvancePro DB
  15. Clicking the reference to a direct invoice from the customer screen now works correctly
  16. Serial numbers that have been picked for a work order can no longer be picked for another order
  17. The complete Product Name now displays for products with variations in the “View All Products” screen
  18. The number of serial numbers in stock now shows correctly
  19. Emails sent from AdvancePro now attach the desired PDF file automatically
  20. Quantity can no longer be changed on customer orders after the pending invoice has been created
  21. QB Export error messages are no longer editable
  22. The Vendor Order (VO) checkbox is now clickable when creating a work order
  23. The “Select Assembly Item” dropdown menu now displays options in alphabetical order
  24. The Customer Returns workflow has been refined
  25. Creating or assigning new picking locations at the Receiving stage has been streamlined
  26. Serial numbers with catch weights now ties in more closely to the Catch Weights module
  27. Lot numbers can now be selected the picking stage and on work orders

Fixed Issues – AP Mobile

  1. On AP Mobile products can now be searched for using SKU/UPC/SN in Lookup
  1. AP Mobile now recognizes picking locations when processing quantity adjustments
  2. Inventory adjustments made in AP Mobile are reflected in AdvancePro in real time
  3. Orders that have been received can now be selected
  4. UPCs are now recognized when scanned at the receiving stage
  5. Total weights for catch weight items now display on screen
  6. Orders can now be searched for using reference or PO #